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Level 1: 7 -10 years old
Our Level 1 programme is intended to encourage and inspire young dancers to learn more about dance in a nurturing and professional environment. Classes are based on the British style and are designed to advance students technical ability and musicality. Each class will challenge them to coordinate their movement, while improving the basic fundamentals of their posture, flexibility, strength and balance.

Each student will receive the same level of individual care and instruction from our guest Teachers throughout the program.

  The dance tours workshop comprises a variety of classes including:  
  • Classical Ballet class (Based on the English Style).
  • Variation, Repertoire class
  • Character class
  • Stage Craft & Ballet Mime class
  • Body Conditioning, Pilates, Stretching class
  • Private Coaching (Available on request).

What to bring: Students must bring the appropriate dancewear and shoes required for each lesson (ballet shoes, pointe shoes, character shoes, Character skirt). Please do not especially buy any items you do not already own for this workshop.