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What is the minimum age or level requirement?

Dance Tours Workshops are available to dancers of all ages. Our classes are divided into separate age groups and are designed to challenge the creative, technical and artistic capabilities of each group in a nurturing and professional environment.

The DTI workshop is tailored to the student’s individual goals, giving unique care and due consideration to each student’s age, standard and style of dance. Each student will receive the same level of individual care and instruction from our guest artists throughout the program.  

Our Dance and Tourism Workshop is available to dancers from 13 years of age to adult, any student under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian. All Students are required to maintain a mature attitude throughout the course to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience is had by all.

As we do not hold auditions for our workshops our classes and associated age groups are to be used as a guide only. DTI recognises the fact that a students ability may not always be consistent with the age groups set out in its programme. Considering this, DTI teachers take care to monitor the level of each student in the first class and will re-allocate them to a different level if required.

Questions relating to the students dance background can be found on the ‘Application Form.’Parents must collect students under 18 years immediately after their last class.