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What an amazing day for Dance Tours. Laura and Justin meet Mr. Komura, the Vice-President of Japan.

As well, they met other parliamentary members Mr. Tanaka, Ms. Inoguchi and Ms. Ueno. from the Liberal Democratic Party.

Thank you again Japan for your support for Dance Tours and for your wonderful hospitality. What an honour the day has been.

Dance Tours carries on enjoying being in Japan, helping to educate and inspire young dancers to be the very best they can and to realise their dream in dance, as well as entertaining audiences throughout Japan with its gala performances.

Thank you to all the people who support Dance Tours.


ラウラとジャスティンが自民党副総裁の高村先生、同じく自民党の 猪口先生、国際局長の田中先生、上野先生と自民党本部にて面談させて頂き、日本での活動に対して温かいお言葉を頂きました。