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Press Clippings


  "Dancers learn the finer pointes about ballet" - Dubai
  "Unique chance for future stars" - Australia
  "Pointing to the future" - Australia
  "Great British Hopes" - UK
  "Ballet Lesson" - Australia
  "Dancing Dreams" - Australia
  "Leaping into action" - Australia
  "Laura Morera" - Spain
  "Kathryn Wade" - Japan
  "Justin Meissner" - Japan
  "Laura Morera, Principal Ballerina" - UK
  "Budding dancers can perform with professionals" - UK
  "Auditori la MediterrĂ¥nia" - Spain
  "Auditori la MediterrĂ¥nia" - Spain
  "Euro Weekly" - Spain
  "La Nucia" - Spain
  "Royal Ballet Gala" - Spain
  "Laura Morera" - Spain
  "Royal Opportunity" - Dubai
  "Ballet Class" - Dubai
  "Royal Gala of Ballet" - Spain
  "Laura Morera Radio Interview" - Spain
  "Royal Gala of Ballet en Esencia Pura" - Spain