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Learn from the very best of British ballet

Dance Tours workshops are based on the British style and cover the many aspects of classical ballet artistry, musicality and technique.

Dance Tours programs are available to dancers of all ages. Our classes are divided into separate age groups and are designed to challenge the creative, technical and artistic capabilities of each group in an inspiring and nurturing professional environment.

On conclusion of the course, students will demonstrate all they have learnt in a ‘Graduation Day Performance’ under the guidance of our professional dancers. Here students will be able to exhibit their progress and combine everything they have learnt throughout the course in a casual performance setting. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend this day.

As a graduation gift students will receive a DT certificate presented on the day.

Online Virtual Classroom

Dance Tours now offers some of the worlds best teachers online in its Virtual Classroom setting. Our online ballet based classes are available to dance students aged 9 years and over of all levels of ability.

All our classes are taught by highly skilled professional dancers who regularly teach young children and adults online and in the studio.

Our classes normally incorporate a selection of floor barre, ballet barre, centre combinations and stretching exercises.

Our classes are specially designed to help dancers strengthen their core, coordinate their movement with their breath, as well as improved their posture, balance and overall technique in a small space.

This is a great opportunity for any dancers to benefit from the training techniques of these great professionals online.

We recommend our classes to young dancers looking for the very best start to their learning career, to students looking for top level one to one mentoring advice from top professionals or anyone after that extra edge to their regular training program.

Dance Tours welcomes you to experience the very best online training in our Virtual Classroom setting.

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