I had a great experience during my stay in Australia. Initially it was a difficult decision for me to make to visit and stay in a foreign country using only English to speak,but when I arrived everyone was so friendly and teachers were so kind to me that I did not worry about anything. In the ballet lessons I was taught pas de deux and mime which I had never learned before. I had a lot of fun everyday and I really wanted to stay in Australia forever. I learned so much in two weeks including Flex & Stretch and Pilates. I really enjoyed visiting the reserve for Koalas and the Gold Coast. Thanks to Dance Tours my trip to Australia is one that will stay with me as a happy memory forever.

Sakura Nakai – Japan

I was taken care really good of by Dance Tours and my Homestay family during my 2 weeks stay in Australia. The lessons went from morning to the evening. At first they were not easy, however, I was very happily because of my improvement. I am thankful because I got to experience so many various things in Australia that normally I would not have had the opportunity to see by myself.

Nazomi Nakayama.

Thank you very much for organising the recent workshop. Once again my daughter had a fabulous time. She was especially thrilled to dance with Justin, and has been amazed at the things she was able to achieve in just three days. Please pass on our thanks to everyone at Dance Tours.

Joanne Beard

I really enjoyed the Dance Tours Courses. The Teachers that you provided were so helpful and it was a great experience. I got so much out of it and I think of your corrections all the time! Hopefully I will do the Dance Tours course again next year and I’ll see you then!

Sophie Zoricic

I really enjoyed the workshop I attended in Brisbane. I especially like the Repertoire as I got to have a private lesson with Justin and then got to perform my Repertoire piece for the girls. There was a lot of Jumping, allegro and grand jette. It was fun and I got a great applause!!

Steven Robson

I really enjoyed the workshop I attended in Brisbane, I especially liked the Repertoire as I got to have a private lesson with Justin and then got to perform my Repertoire piece for the girls. There was a lot of jumping, allegro and grand jette, it was fun and I got a great applause!! My daughters have been studying ballet for almost a decade and I don’t believe that they have ever experienced such a helpful and inspirational dance workshops. It is rare for dancers to have an experience that is useful, difficult and encouraging. A fantastic, fun and valuable experience for budding dancers. It’s amazing how much you learn, remember and use from the workshops.

Jenny Bromberger

All I can say is that each day I couldn’t wait to start class and at the days end..... well I didn’t want it to end. I wanted every day to be a dance tours day, so when ever dance tours has classes in Australia I am going to be there. I loved having all of the different teachers and felt that I learnt something different from each ont of them. I think that not only dod my technique improve but my love and passion for dancing were nurtured and thanks to Dance Tours I met another dancer my own age form Japan, Sakura and I have been emailing each other. So I made a friend as well as having a great time.

Sarah Kate Dalgliesh

What you taught me in such a short time will no doubt help me improve my technique and achieve higher standards in my dancing competitions. I loved every minute of the workshop and couldn’t wait to get back to classes the next day. I was sad when the workshop finished but was extremely pleased as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I loved all the teachers I got to work with. They were all fantastic. I am sorry I missed the programme in August due to interstate dance commitments and eagerly look forwards to the workshop in 2007.

Jessica Brown

I thought that Dance Tours workshop was wonderful because whenever you needed help you could just ask. Also I thought that we learnt a lot of things and it was very fun. The teachers were very kind, and they were very good at teaching us technique and dancers. It was just a wonderful workshop…. Thank you.

Imagen Dian (8 Years old)

I had a wonderful time in Australia. I was very happy to have your lesson and Laura’s lesson. Especially, I enjoyed your pas de deux class dancing the Nutcracker.

Reona Matsuda.

I was really happy in Brisbane. I love Justin, Laura Andrea, Shino, Minori, Yuko, Kana and my host family!


I just wanted to say again how wonderful it was for my daughter to have the opportunity to do classes again with Dance Tours. She came away so inspired by Laura’s classes and Laura herself, that she couldn’t wait to get to the studio the next day and dance again.

grateful Mother

I just want to thank you all for inspiring and making my daughters experience so wonderful. She had an amazing experience and has expressed how much she enjoyed being challenged in the way she was (has never experienced this before). Enjoyed being taught by such high calibre teachers and dancing with peers who are so motivated and serious. This workshop has truly inspired her to get back into dance in a very serious way. We are taking David’s constructive comments to heart and will do everything to support her dream. Thank you to all the dancers and to you Andrea for bringing this workshop to our kids!

Dawn and Jamie

Thank you for a special lesson in Australia. I spent very happy time. I will participate next year.

Marika Kobayashi

Thank you for coming up to Cairns and doing a wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed your lesson. One of the reasons I liked the class was because you always demonstrated and explained what to do. What will happen in the future if I do it correctly and a way of making steps or positions clearer, and the second reason was that you’re the best ballet teacher to be taught by. Your class was not just tiring it was a great opportunity to be taught by a male teacher. I say that because there are not many male teacher in Cairns.

Yuji Shimizu

I had great time in Australia and enjoyed very very much! Stay in Australia is wonderful experience for me. I was very interesting to learn a variety of dance. Through this seminar, I want to be a dance teacher. I want to do my best toward the dream.

Thank you for everything. I will never forget what you’ve done for me.

I hope I can see you again sometime soon.

Thank you a lot,

My Experience in Australia was very good, It was the first time I have been in Australia, it is a beautiful country and we had some excellent teachers. I loved the Pilates class, I have not had the opportunity to take a class like that in a professional Pilates studio. The dance tour in Australia also helped improve my English and taught me a lot about different teaching methods. I’d like to say thank you very much for everything!

Shiela Lima (Ballet teacher – Brazil).

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